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Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on May 14, 2017 3:20:01 PM

Energy healing is recalibrating the heart, mind and body for us to flow effortlessly in our lives.

As proven by science and in Quantum Physics, all matter is made up subatomic particles pulsing and leaping with energy. This includes us, humans.

Our thoughts, emotions, actions and non-actions emit energy. This emission affects and influences us, as well as other’s energy.

Unfortunately, these energies can create imbalances in us, presented through our physical, emotional and mental state.

Energy healing allows for us to heal from our current state, take out what’s not needed, such as letting go of past difficulties, people and any memory that blocks the flow of energy in us.

It's not just about getting and feeling better. It's about throwing away ideas and beliefs that aren't ours - that we picked up in our childhood or in our environment, just because other people believed it or told us to believe it - and becoming our real true selves again - like when we were babies.

This rings true in energy healing, as a therapist will help in taking out emotional and mental baggage that blocks the free flow of energy. In our most raw state we are multidimensional energy beings and through our own experiences, interaction with others and environment we live in, we react and respond with the energies brought about.

This manifests in our mental, emotional and physical state. Healing with energies takes out the residue of past and present hurts, mental imbalances and eventually heal the body.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental imbalances are a result of different negative issues (energies) and genetics. We can cope with these imbalances through mental health counseling.

Through counseling we go deep into what cause theses issues such as past traumatic experiences, familial and societal programming, limiting beliefs, neurological, biochemical and physio-structural imbalances.

Energy healing through mental health counseling draws out these causes and help us accept what we can’t change, release the negative aspects of the causes and learn to find our own proactive stand.

When we make the proactive stand towards mental imbalances that are not ingrained in our physiological bodies, we transform the negative into something that feels good – which is being neutral, balanced, happy and healthy. Positive is also not good. As long as there is a charge, whether negative or positive, it’s not balanced and neutral, which means it’s still out of balance.

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Emotional healing

Going through life, we experience traumas and emotional imbalances that we bury deep in the recesses of our subconscious.

Sometimes these traumas are too painful and hurting that we bury and forget until they present themselves as a form of physical illness.

Emotional healing through energies helps us to take out these painful memories or even present day situations. Leading an emotionally stressful life causes us to be depressed, affects our relationships with others negatively and can result in aggression.

Emotional healing through energies help us take out and let go of the unwanted, this eases the flow of energy through us, creating a balanced emotional state.


Modes of Energy Healing

There are different modalities of energy healing. Modes of healing such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Crystals focus on the physical body first to affect the emotional and mental imbalances.

Thought field therapy targets the mind as the point of convergence in healing. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT , or Tapping ) and Emotional Stress Release digs into the emotions, releasing and feeling the patient from the emotional cage brought about by traumatic past or present experiences.

Auric and Chakra cleansing and balancing focus on the auric field of the body’s energy field, these encompass the mental, emotional and eventually the physical state of balance.

The Healing Code and the Yuen Method are all valid, all encompassing, super efficient methods at cleansing your body of all negative energies, emotions and limited thinking. All modalities are effective in creating a balanced energy field that manifest mentally, emotionally and physically.

As Dr. Alex Lloyd in The Healing Code mentions : Drugs don't help much, other than temporarily relieve symptoms. Talk therapy makes things worse because it reminds us of old wounds and brings things to the surface, but doesn't actually resolve the issue emotionally and physically. 

A lot of us confuse it with healing.  A lot of therapists teach people to cope.

But that's not healing and that's not making traumas and their memories disappear.

 Energy healing is ancient and practiced even before the time of modern medicine.

As we find chemically induced healing through medications ineffective and don’t touch the real substance (energy imbalances) which causes illnesses, we go back to time honored methods of healing by clearing and balancing the energy within us.

After we work on our own imbalance we then affect the people around us, our relationships with others, careers and daily lives by emitting positive vibes.

Your healing starts by opening your heart and mind to the power of energy healing.

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The Power of Energy Healing


I highly recommend it in case you are having any difficulties in any relationships, if you had any traumas or negative experiences in your life.

Most of us had some, one time or another, and the negative effects of those experiences accumulate over time.

If you'd like to live a new life without them,  ask for some help:

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