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Join Facebook Group: Mediation for Professional Men

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 08.09.2017

This Facebook group is dedicated to mediation for workplace conflict resolutions and win-win negotiations for all parties. Join Calm Coast in this Facebook group to get help, support, and tips

as well as the chance to meet, and be with like-minded professionals to

brainstorm ideas and solutions.

Join Facebook Group: Win-Win Negotiations and Mediation  for Professional Men at Calm Coast


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Energy Healing: Calm the Mind and Stop Worrying

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 14.08.2017

Keeping up with a busy lifestyle with work, family and social keeps our mind in overdrive. We’ve come to practice multitasking, doing several tasks at the same time. This keeps our mind busy. And when the mind is busy, there is a continuous flow of thoughts… continuous and ceaseless.

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Lose the Fear of Rejection with Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 13.08.2017

The fear of rejection resonates with most of us. One way or another, we’ve been rejected in different circumstances, from a dream job, getting fired, by a loved one, a friend or even by family. And of course, we take it personally. So personally in fact, that it becomes a fear.

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Heal Worthlessness through Counseling with Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 11.08.2017

Dejection and feelings of worthlessness are root causes of depression. Worthlessness comes from a feeling of insignificance, uselessness and a lack of self-value. When you suffer from the feeling of worthlessness, you feel useless and do not have the capacity to rise above whatever situation you are in. It’s caused by traumatic experiences in the past, abuse and situations that bring negative thoughts of oneself.


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Energy Healing: Accepting the Beauty of Imperfections.

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 10.08.2017

Wabi-Sabi - The way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.

 There’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection in everything we do. Doing our best and giving 100% effort to our jobs, our roles in the family and in ourselves is important. There’s nothing wrong with that. But we must also be prepared that nothing works out every time. There are times when we must accept circumstances that are less than perfect.

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Trust: Face Your Fears of Trust Through Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 09.08.2017

Trust is a big issue as we get older. When we were children, we were fearless and trusting of the adults who nurtured us and of life itself. When we became adults this trust in life generally crumbled because of different situations, painful events and betrayals that we faced growing up.

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Expel Your Need for Approval to Experience Freedom

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 08.08.2017

We are born and raised in a society that demands conformity. Conforming to what our family and community expects of us. This cultivates the need for approval in everything we do and when you fail, the first person you seemingly fail is yourself. This spirals into guilt and dislike of yourself. The need for approval limits your choices in life and your lifestyle. But the worst part of the need for approval is how you become hard on yourself for not meeting the approval and expectations and the self-dislike that follows.

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Free Yourself from Traumas Through Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 07.08.2017

One common problem of people who can’t truly open up in their relationships is due to traumatic experiences from past relationships and family.

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Disperse Depression with Energy Healing

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 05.08.2017

Depression is a state of sadness, and the feeling of helplessness and despair in almost all situations in life. You find no relief from this uncomfortable state. Yet in some bizarre twist, this becomes your comfort zone to shield you from dealing with the problems in life. You identify with this state of being and let it rule your life and naturally become your protective shield against dealing with your fears. Change this state of depression through energy healing by dealing with the triggers and causes of depression.

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Topics: energy healing, energy healing for individuals, depression

Energy Healing: Your Support Through the Process of Grieving

Posted by Teri Sutyinszki on 04.08.2017

Grieving for the loss of a loved one is a process unique and very personal. It cannot be boxed or standardized. The grieving process has 5 stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Not all of us go through these stages or in this chronological order. It also isn’t necessary for you to go through all the stages to get through the process.

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Topics: energy healing, energy healing for individuals, grief