Counseling and healing for a Better You

Once you call Calm Coast Counseling for a consultation, I will make sure to adjust to your needs. I can walk you through the healing process in a pace that suits you. Moreover, I keep everything confidential and my counseling is non-judgmental.

Mission Statement

Calm Coast Counseling aims to deal with your internal conflict that may have caused your physical pain and heartaches. My duty is to help individuals with relationship, family, and work problems, as well as those with traumatic experiences and anger issues.

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About me

In the modern day hectic world, perhaps all of us have of heard of counseling and energy healing.

Stress is making way into our homes, workplaces, relationships and lives. This stress leads to emotional and on many an occasion, even physical pain. People invariably try to cope with this stress in their everyday lives in their own ways. More and more people find counseling and energy healing to be immensely helpful in relieving them of their stress, limiting beliefs, addictive habits, etc. in order to find joy in their lives again.

I’m a counselor, therapist and energy healer.

Till about 6 years ago, I had had a difficult life. My difficulties started in my childhood. I have memories when I was a healthy and joyous child without any inhibitions whatsoever.

Then, one day, my stepmother made her way into our home. That, partially, was the beginning of my miseries. No matter what I did or how I performed in school, in studies and games or even extra-curricular activities, my stepmother had something nasty to say about me and my performance. No matter howsoever good grades I came home with, she would have plenty of reasons to scold me for. She caused tremendous damage to my psychology and development. With her constant bickering, nudging and complaining, she was able to convince me that I was a good-for-nothing child. While every other child around me was happy and playful, and because my stepmother sold me the idea that she was perfect, it seemed to me I was the only one who was having problems in life.

Some years ago I was a completely depressed person. My life was full of stress on all fronts. The result of years of emotional abuse didn’t just end up causing insecurity issues, but anger, hatred and rage issues, that could be triggered by anything at any time. The worst part of it was that I wasn’t aware of the trigger and the rage was not only uncontrollable, but scary. It was scary because I knew it could lead to actions that could get me in trouble, and because it would trigger terrible memories in my husband about his alcoholic father, who would go into a rage unpredictably.

I desperately needed help but I avoided psychotherapists because I innately understood that just talking about an issue that you don’t even fully understand will not do any good. The other reason was that I’d had a bad experience with one such therapist when I was around 21.

My ex-boyfriend at the time started to have panic attacks out of the blue. He went to a psychotherapist, who determined after a few sessions that I am the reason for my boyfriend’s panic attacks. I thought to myself: What kind of therapy is that?

So I searched and searched, when I stumbled upon different forms of energy healing techniques. After reading about them I looked for therapists that could help me by using those techniques. I got the help of a few of them and I stuck with one in particular for the most part. It took me 4 years to get well.

As a result of being on the receiving end of this kind of therapy, I got fascinated by energy healing and getting in touch with the subconscious. I knew I had natural talent for doing this job and I wanted to get trained.

I took courses and signed up for practicing sessions with a teacher. Then I took more courses and I got strengthened more for energy healing. After that I started practicing not just in groups, but on my friends. The feedback from my friends was unexpectedly astonishing. I was surprised and delighted at the same time.

It also made me discover that not only was I not the only one with problems in life, but that problems of us human beings tend to be similar – no matter how individual and unique we are.

It was my turn to help other people. I love to make other people feel good and I knew it was time to turn my hobby into a profession. Now I want anybody who is distressed the way I was for so many years to become cheerful again. So, I hold counseling, therapy and healing sessions for people who feel that they too need someone, a true friend and guide to help them combat the stress in their lives. 

I’m a healer who is non-judgmental, so you can absolutely relax and trust me with your deepest, closest and darkest secrets. We all have them.  None of us are perfect and there is no need for unnecessary criticism. Feeling safe is one the most important things at times when you feel vulnerable.

I have treated secretaries, business owners and doctors, young, as well as not so young people, and it gave me pleasure every time to see a smile on their faces, whether it was because their pain was gone or because they got emotional relief from whatever was bothering them.

If you have any issues that feel like a thorn in your side, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for a session, so I can help and assist you to feel joy in your life again.